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One Dead, Few Injured And Two Taken Into Custody After A Car Chase Ended In A Fatal Car Crash

A man sent to the hospital, a woman died, and two others were arrested following a hunt of a stolen car stopped in a crash in Northwest Miami-Dade.

On Friday, Fire-Rescue units and Miami-Dade Police acknowledged the incident in the area of Northwest 135th Street and Seventh Avenue just after 8:30 p.m.

Investigators in an unmarked police cruiser discerned a stolen Mercedes-Benz, according to cop.

After that, they used on their emergency equipment, devices, and tools, the driver of the Mercedes-Benz did not halt and the deputies pursuit.

The stolen car then smashed into an innocent driver’s dark-colored wheels at the crossing. The power of the force sent some car parts, adding a suspension, into the center of the highway.

The authority told a man, and a lady was inside the stolen car, and a man and a lady were inside the dark-colored wheels.

The fire rescue team said the lady passenger of the dark-colored car dead at the incident, and the driver of the vehicle was brought to an area hospital in unknown condition.

The two subjects in the stolen vehicle were arrested on the incident, and then they were conveyed to an area hospital for wounds they sustained throughout the crash.

The two mangled cars, as well as a yellow tarp, was covering the body of the lady victim, according to the source.

Deputies have shut down many roadways in the area while they examine. Detectives have not announced when the roads will open.

The cop revealed crime investigators would find the lead in the investigation, which continues.

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