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New Easter Eggs From Venom And Morbius! See Here

Easter Eggs From Venom And Morbius!!

Although fans were initially very strange about Morbius, it should suddenly be seen with the release of their first trailer, which revealed that the Jared Leto-starrer movie will also be from the MCU Will added Thanks to the presence of Michael Keaton, the vulture resurfaces from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Sources confirmed that the new evidence has come to point to Morbius, who confirms that all Sony Marvel movies are linked to each other. A photo of a recently revealed set, shared on the R / SUMC subreddit, shows a wall around a graffiti-lined construction site. And a bit of what will jump for Spidey fans is a toxin version of the classic Spider-Man signal drawn in the division, along with supporting signature “Venom”, in case we work out of context. Don’t do it for us.

Morbius Set Photo Hints At Venom Connection

Easter egg should mean that the anti-symbiotic hero…!!

Like Venom’s original San Francisco set in Morbius, New York, this Easter egg should mean that the anti-symbiotic hero has become a celebrity and has fans across the country. Maybe we have some exploration in Edom Brock’s alter ego in Venom 2? Alternatively, it can be just a small box that is at the bottom of a scene and it is.

After all, a similar Morbius Easter Egg has already caused a lot of headaches for fans. It spelt “MURDERER,” with the much-discussed Spider-Man poster, which suggests Tom Holland’s version, and yet is an image from a PS4 game. Clearly, the MCU and SUMC movies are somewhat intertwined, but there is no continuity between them.

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