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Netflix: Every Series Cancelled In 2024!

Here is the list of the show canceled in the year 2024 of Netflix:

Turn on Charlie:

“Turn Up Charlie” premiered in March 2019, joining the long list of Netflix original series canceled by the streaming service. The show wasn’t canceled until April 2024, when Netflix announced that it would not be returning for a second season.

The Society:

Although Netflix had already renewed “The Society” for a second season, the COVID-19 epidemic canceled that announcement. News of the cancellation, previously reported by Deadline, said that COVID-related production complications were at the center of the decision.


TV shows that were canceled or are ending in 2024 - Insider

The Netflix original series “Insatiable” aired its second season in fall 2019, critically after the first season. By February 2024, the Deadline had canceled the series.

V Wars:

“V Wars” is another Netflix original that premiered in 2019, but news of the cancellation didn’t come until 2024. The only season of Vampire Drama will now be available to all fans, as Netflix didn’t order a second season.

Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show:

On June 2, 2024, the Astronomy Club Twitter account found out that its cartoon display had now no longer been renewed with the aid of using Netflix.

Anne With An E:

The third and final season has already aired on CBC in Canada but will release Netflix original copyrights in January 2024 for viewers on the streaming service.


This is another Netflix original that got just one season before the streaming service was canceled. In March it was learned that the play would not resume for a second season.


On January 31, 2024, Entertainment Weekly showed that Netflix had canceled the musical drama “Soundtrack” which premiered in overdue 2019. Producer Joshua Safran had plans for a second season, but there is no word yet from the team to attempt to continue the series elsewhere.

Spinning Out:

“Spinning Out” was another Netflix original that premiered its first (and only) season in January of this year. On February 3 it was learned that it had been canceled.

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