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Lincoln Rhyme Season 2: What’s The Revival Status And Other Details?

NBC has canceled the series based on The Bone Collector, Lincoln Rhyme, as well as the comedy Perfect Harmony, both after airing their respective first seasons.

Release Date Postponed Or Not?

After these two cancellations, there are still three NBC series without a definite future, including Manifest, which is waiting for a renewal for the third season. Of the top five transmission networks in the US USA, In the United States, NBC seems the most cautious about what to do amid the new coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). While rivals renewed dozens and dozens of series and postponed the release of new episodes until January 2024, NBC has decided not to give much information on what it will offer next season.

Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector ~ Season 1 Episode 2 ...
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Designed for six seasons, Manifest has reached an audience dilemma with its second year. If, on the one hand, it lost many viewers in its “live” broadcast, the supernatural plot is the most viewed of the year when counted backward, that is, the audience of those who follow the story in recorded episodes.

Along with Manifest, comedies, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and Indebted are awaiting news, renewal, or cancellation. These series are the only ones on NBC that remain in limbo.

Season One Rating :

Lincoln Rhyme first season: Hunting for bone collector hunting averages 18-49 and averages 0.47 for 3.66 million viewers. Learn how Lincoln Ray helps the bone collector, which clings to other NBC TV shows.

Telly’s Take:

Does NBC Lincoln Release Repair Or Renew? Season two for bone harvester hunting? The levels are low but I have the NBA. I suspect that every new series will be completed in the district this year in order to succeed on Friday and Blacksworth will likely end in the next two years. I will update progress by breaking this page.

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