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My Octopus Teacher: Fate Of Octopus Decided

My Octopus Teacher is not going to be like your usual documentary series this one is purely dedicated to our nature and environment it will revolve around a guy who falls in love with the depth of the ocean and that is one of the most serene things possible in this world.

So, without wasting time let us get into all the details we have about My Octopus Teacher.

What to watch on Monday: 'My Octopus Teacher' on Netflix - The Washington Post
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Many of you might have already seen the documentary on Netflix as it arrived earlier this month but for all those that haven’t seen it yet, here is our take on the show if you are intruiged to watch the documentary after this review then go ahead.

My Octopus Teacher featured the story of Craig Foster a modern filmmaker who had forgotten the gist of life his life was dull and boring, his work made him anxious and he could not understand why he tried therapy but nothing could suffice the longing wholeness in his heart.

One day while he was in the ocean he saw an octopus balled up and he thought to himself that this is something he could learn from he watched the octopus with more passion he saw every move that he made how his tentacles would curl up if he touched him, he vows to dive every day and little by little he captures every detail of the octopus step by step everything he did in a day, according to Craig the octopus helped him learn more about life and nature and how he could fulfil himself.

Well, this a great 85-minute documentary we would recommend it to all our nature lovers that is all for today we will keep our readers updated on the latest news until then continue reading with us!

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