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Mulan: Will The Live-Action Movie Release On Disney+ Instead Of Theatrical Release?

The Entertainment Industry has been severely affected after the Coronavirus attach led to all the three shutting down and many projects withheld with no decided fate of these unreleased films. Let us look further into the details given below.

Is Live Action Movie Mulan Opting ForA Release On Disney+? Here’s What We Know.

This list of unreleased films has few names including the highly anticipated Disney’s live-action Mulan movie, the film has been facing constant delays with the release date pushed back time and again for a proper theatrical release. However, it seems like the studio giant has come up with a better alternative plan. Disney+ might have accidentally revealed the date to a fan ok social media when the film will be available which is sometime around October! So it seems like the film will finally be available on Disney+ rather than on the big screens.

The Film Has Already Faced Several Delays And Now Is Pushed For A July Release.

Keeping the current situation in mind, Disney has decided that live-action movie Mulan will eventually be available to stream on Disney+. This is not a big surprise as Disney has been releasing many unreleased films over the streaming service for subscribers to binge-watch during this quarantine period. The streaming service has come up with a great idea to survive in this stiff competition with other services.

This decision is also taken after there’s is a huge increase in the number of subscribers during this lockdown situation, with families stuck they all are run into Disney+ to watch all the films and series with their loved ones. Disney+ has also released quite a few films and shows including the unreleased Artemis Fowl.

Disney+ Has Been Streaming Many Unreleased Films Due To The Current Situation.

While the live-action movie Mulan has been pushed for a July release like many other films under the Disney banner, the studio can go for a digital release if things don’t get back to normal soon enough. Even Black Widow has been pushed for a later release, that movie can also be encouraged for a digital release.

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