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Max Payne Movie: What Happened To The Franchise?

After not one but two back to back Max Payne game released that also over two consecutive years, fans are wondering why the studio never went forward with a third film. We might have some information about the third installment that never happened. Let us take a look at some of the unknown details of the two-game franchise.

Series Creator Sam Lake Explains The Long Time Gap Between Two Games Of Max Payne!

Series creator Sam Lake did explain the high gap that was between the two-game installment and also the change in the studio as well, which made fans pretty curious. The series creator did explain that the long delay was already a planned thing!

Remedy Never Planned To Do More Than One Game Part.

The Remedy, which is an independent studio from the start, has teamed up with big companies from time to time. However, after the first game came out the IP rights, we’re then sold to Rockstar and Take-Two. Lake further explained that a part of the deal was that they would make a sequel of the game as well. Sam explained further how they were reached out by Rockstar for ideas, and they all framed up for Max Payne3, which was loved by fans even more compared to the initial one.

As it is clearly understood, Remedy was never actually looking forward to developing Max Payne 3, so they sold the rights and gave the characters in the game a rather fitting end that they deserved. Fans have surely lived the game franchise, and Max surely has a vast game fanbase for itself. This fanbase has created a rather brighter future for the game franchise.

Is There More Adventure Left For Max Payne In The Future?

While fans would love to look forward towards more blood filled adventures for Max. Although the last game did not say anything nor announce any official statement regarding any upcoming game. However, the hope is not gone as the adventure has not yet reaches its concluding story. We sure are hoping for another one soon enough.

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