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Matt Reeves Drafting Plans For A New Joker In The Batman Trilogy

Robert Pattinson’s kind of revived after the announcement made that he will be the next Batman. Matt Reeves will be the man behind the lens, and if everything goes right, then they will be a deadly duo.

But the latest speculations state that the DC is going all riot to clinch the title of best superheroes movie makers. It is rumored that Matt Reeves is looking for the iconic character, which made The Dark Knight Trilogy an overnight success. Yes, he’s looking to introduce Joker in his Trilogy.


It is rumored that there will be three installments of Robert Pattinson’s Batman. DC wants to follow the same route as Christian Bale’s Batman. So Trilogy will consist of mighty villains in the franchise with the likes of rumored Bane, Mr.Freeze, and Deathstroke on the cards.

RUMOR: Matt Reeves To Introduce New Joker In 'The Batman' Sequel ...
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If we’re talking about Batman’s villains, then how can you rule out the notorious Joker. Joker’s character has been a landmark since the character’s introduction. So now there are chances that mighty character will likely to be introduced in Matt Reeve’s Trilogy for sure. But the question is simple in which part he will create chaos in Gotham City.

Joker Character Contender

Now the simple evaluation, if the character will reportedly appear in the Trilogy, then who will be in front of the camera playing clown. Many faces would like to play a role in the series. But nowadays, the most rumored personality for the role is Johnny Depp. Yes, the very own Jack Sparrow of Pirates Of Caribbean wants to play the character as he thinks that this is the only role that he wants to play and missing from his strange choices.

Johhny Dep Perfect Choice For Joker

So Ultimately, he wants to play Joker, and makers could consider him for the role as he is currently having conflicts with ex-wife Amber Heard. The lawsuit could be a huge obstacle for him to clinch the position as the decision is not final yet. However, it is reported that Amber is playing the victim card, and reportedly she is the one who is the guilty party.

Johhny could revive his career and get back to his stature and reputation, which he was known for. So we better hope that Depp will be in front of the cameras and playing the antagonist.

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