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Manhattan Federal Judge Blocks Unsealing Of Ghislane Maxwell Documents Temporarily

A Manhattan judge postpones the unsealing of documents

A federal judge in Manhattan has temporarily blocked the release of documents relating to a libel trial filed against Jeffrey Epstein by Jeffrey Epstein’s attorney Virginia Giuffre until he has the opportunity to appeal the release of the documents.

US District Court Judge Loretta Presca agreed to delay postponement of the documents until Monday evening unless the district court ordered them to be sealed.

Preska ordered the press last week and gave Maxwell a week to appeal. The recordings include long accounts of Maxwell and an email exchange between her and Epstein. The documents should also reveal other possible accomplices.

Maxwell is accused of molesting Giuffre

Giuffre accused Maxwell of participating in the abuse, allegedly forcing Giuffre to have physical relations with Prince Andrew when she was a teenager. Shee sued Maxwell for defamation in 2015 after a 58-year-old British public figure accused Giuffre of making accusations. The request was liquidated for an undisclosed amount in 2017.

Charges against Maxwell

The district court has already ordered some documents from the open case and the first tranche was released on August 9, 2019, the day before Epstein died in his prison cell due to an apparent suicide pending trial for allegations of trafficking human. Earlier this month, Maxwell was arrested in a luxury hiding place in New Hampshire and faced six federal charges by accusing her or recruiting Epstein’s underage victims of physical assault. He’s waiting for a trail at the Brooklyn Federal Detention Center.

In a Wednesday note, Presca also rejected a request from Maxwell’s attorneys to review his release order.

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