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Maisie Williams Two Weeks To Live Is Out Now, Here’s Should You Watch It Or Not

Maisie Williams’s new show called Two Weeks To Live is out on Sky One, the show is supposed to revolve around a satire of dark comedy and we are excited to tell you if it is worth watch or not.

So, without wasting time let us get into the review of Two Weeks To Live.

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The show revolves around the life of Kim Oakes played by Maisie Williams who is in her early 20-s is living out in the wilderness since the murder of her father, while this is a coming off age story, Kim along with her brothers Jay played by Taheen Modak) and Nicky played by Mawaan Rizwan go on a bender to find their fathers murderer.

Well, in our way the show kicks off well, the characters have a story of themselves it can neither be seen as a serious thriller nor an outrageous comedy the show has been able to keep a balance.

While Kim’s character is one of the most important she is a little unaware about life in the 20s she has been living under the protection of her mother and now she is all out on her own she is socially awkward she is not as brave as she thinks, well the show also tries to show Kim’s equation with boys which has not been her strongest suit.

That is all for today fans of the show are already anticipating a season two of the show and looking at the reviews and rating a season 2 is not far away, we will keep our readers updated on the latest news about Two Weeks To Live until then continue reading with us!

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