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2 Jokers! Batman Beyond Live-Action Will Feature Two Jokers!

Batman Beyond is an animated film which has been loved by the fans. One of the primary reasons for its success is because we have both the Batman as well as the most loved villain Joker once again in the movie.

DC Planning To Make A Batman Movie

And what is even more suitable is that DC is finally in works to make a live-action film of Batman Beyond. What also serves as the icing on the cake, is that the original anime movie has not one but two jokers. Ohh yeah!!! Now this something exciting coming up.

Batman Beyond
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The Storyline Of Batman Beyond

The story of Batman Beyond has a time travel element to it. It shows that Bruce Wayne who is the original Dark Knight and he is seen as providing training to Terry McGinnis upon whom he has his confidence to make him the next Dark Knight of Gotham City. And the most terrific villains was Joker. And now we would witness not one but two of them. The question that arises here is how??

You Might Witness A Fight With Joker

Well, the storyline would stretch a lot so we are going to tell you that Terry would be fighting both the younger version and the older version of Joker and hence two Jokers. Also, it would be known how Joker shifted to the villain team and what was the reason behind the same. Michael Keaton is in for portraying the role of Bruce Wayne.

Nothing much related to the movie is out yet, and we are waiting eagerly for an official announcement to a cone. So till then stay tuned with us and watch the anime version for the time being and satisfy your curiosity levels.

But one thing js sure; this Batman would be as good and exciting as the other movies. Fans would definitely love the fighting scenes between the superhero and supervillain, Joker. Till then keep calm and enjoy all other Batman as they are somehow or the other related to each other.

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