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Kingsman Actor Being Eyed For A Potential Constantine Role In DC

John Constantine is going to be there for sure…

He first appeared on Alan Moore’s Swamp Factor in 1984 and made full-fledged adventures in superhero group Justice Darkish’s management role from his critically acclaimed, adult-oriented sequel Vertigo Hellblazer. Now, Rumble reports that he appears during the various film and television appearances, much to consider the DC duplication as alleged.

There was a rumor of Keanu Reeves to return for Constantine:

It deviates significantly from American comics, but the film has garnered its fan base over the years. Recently, we can hear more about the actor’s return when Reeves attends the San Diego Comic-Con Constantine 15th Anniversary panel later this month, but for now, we can all sit back and wait.

More Evidence Points To Keanu Reeves Returning As Constantine
Source: We Got This Covered

That said, it appears that DC and Warner Bros. also want a traditional version of the character that runs in parallel. According to sources close to WGTC, the same people said the Transformers are rebooting, and Ryan Reynolds had a secret cameo on Hobbs & Shaw, both correct: Taking Reeves would be the main one at DCEU, but there would also be one Become a non-DCEU Constantine that is more loyal to comics. And the name they say they plan to open for this role is Kingsman Star Conference Egerton.

The idea of ​John Constantine is to appear in his separate continuity in the same way as the Joker.

Which may indicate a direct adaptation of the Vertigo comic book version. In any case, Egerton is just an actor they are seeing, and Marvel is also seeing him play the role of his new Wolverine, who knows if he doesn’t have time to sign up for the role.

However, in the past, we can see 3G action constants in the following years. The aforementioned Justice League Darkish Group has a television gift on HBO Max and if Matt Ryan does not repeat his Arrowverse performance, a new actor will be chosen.

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