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Katherine Langford Teases Interest To Return To MCU!

Wait, what!! Where was Katherine Langford seen in any of the Marvel movies? We are very well sure that many of you might not even have any idea about her stint in any of the films. Well, that is what we are here for. Now to unravel the curtain, the 13 Reasons Why actress was a part of one of the movies, and that was Avengers: Endgame.

Katherine’s Return In MCU

We know that the makers delete a lot of scenes from their movies when the finalization is done as there are a lot of reasons because of which such a step is taken. And because of one such purpose, the makers deleted this scene featuring Katherine.

Katherine Langford
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All We Know About Katherine’s Role

Of course, her role was not a major one, as she portrayed the role of Iron Man aka Tony Stark’s teenage daughter Morgan. We knew that Tony’s daughter was just five years old and there was a scene created showing Tony using the Infinity Stone to travel in time and meet her daughter. She might be around 12 years of age when he went to meet her. Well, this scene was however cut, and we could not witness in the movie.

Watch The Movie On Disney+

Well, if you haven’t seen then, now you can as Disney Plus launched the movie on its online streaming platform where the deleted scene is inclusive of the same. Also, in a radio show named Smallzy’s Surgery, Katherine, when asked about the same, was very happy that she got the role initially though it did not become a part of the same.

Of course, it is not easy that the makers finalized her in the first place itself. When asked whether she would love to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU) or not, we got a positive response, and she is all ready to be a part of the Marvel family. This sounds really good and we hope that in the future Marvel films there comes a part wherein we could see more about Morgan.

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