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Is Your Insurance Policy Corona Proof?

The world has been fighting an invisible enemy, and the fight is at an unprecedented level. There is a hell lot of things going around us, and we don’t know how to tackle all of this at once. We have to save our jobs, remain safe, maintain social distancing, and a hell lot of things. Things have changed in the last couple of months, and the war against corona is a global fight in which each one of us is participating in one way or the other.

The vaccine for the virus is yet to come, and the research is going on at the supersonic speed. But still, as of now, the picture seems to be unclear, and nobody knows the exact date when we will be getting the cure of this virus. So the moot question remains about how we can fight. There are several ways to keep ourselves safe, but as the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.”

So what precaution do we need at this point when the job losses are at an unprecedented level, and the economy is set to underperform for the next few quarters. This is the time when we have to think of something which is not only best suited for us but also financially feasible. The scale on which the recent unemployment figures have shot up is genuinely unprecedented.

As per the report from the US Department of Labor, around 36million people have filed for unemployment. This is something that brings us to the moot question of getting ensured in these tough times. So what are the options do we have in these times? Do we need to be afraid of this situation? No. Of course, not, there is plenty of options for you to look upon as there is ample space for each one of us. Even if you are not eligible for employer-based health insurance, there are plenty of choices for you.

We are providing you with the details on this, and you can choose the best-suited option for you. You will get every detail on the insurance plans and options to exercise amid the coronavirus pandemic. There are plans for each one of you, and the only problem is to narrow it as per your needs and affordability. And here, we will be providing you with the details on this, and soon your worries will go away in a snap of a finger.

Coronavirus Insurace Policy
Source: The Economic Times

Exploring the choices if you have become uninsured amid the coronavirus pandemic

First of all, there are ample choices in the market, and we, the people, constitute the market. So if you have any apprehensions whatsoever on not getting covered is worthless. Among several choices, you will get one of the options which are going to take away all your worries. As far as the options are concerned, we can broadly categorize in the following ways-


Among all the choices present in the market, this is the best possible option to go for, and there is no doubt that this is the safest option too. There is a lot of thing happening around us, and we want to keep our families safe. Medicaid is not only the best but also the best financially feasible choice you have at this point. This plan not only keeps you ensured; the best part is the fact that federal and state governments are behind this plan.

So you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty or minute details about an insurance policy. The coverage is wide and at the bare minimum price, so if you are eligible for the plan, then you don’t have to give a second thought to it, and you are all set to get insured. The only caveat is eligibility, so eligibility is the most important factor one has to keep in mind, and the rest is on Medicaid.

 Eligibility for the Medicaid

There are specific categories of people who are entitled to become a part of the Medicaid. And the eligibility includes the following-

  • eligible pregnant women and children
  • people on Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • low-income families

So if you are in any of the above-mentioned categories, just sit back relax and go for the Medicaid option. But there are certain caveats too, and the first being the difference in eligibility criteria, which varies as per different states. So the only thing you have to ensure before getting insured is to check the eligibility criteria in your state. Although if you belong to the above-mentioned category, then you don’t have much to worry about, and there are ample chances that you will be eligible for Medicaid. But checking with the state eligibility criteria will only help you in avoiding any confusion. One of the best things with this plan is the fact that it is backed by federal law.

This is something that gives iron-clad protection to Medicaid. The group, as mentioned earlier, should be present in the Medicaid plan, and this backing comes from federal law. So if you had any apprehension, its time to leave it and get insured. So checking with the state law will help you in assessing if you are eligible for it or not.

As plans differ from one state to another, there is ample possibility that those who aren’t included in the above-mentioned group may end up getting benefited from the plans. So there is nothing to worry about once you check with the eligibility criteria set by your state. Amid the rising number of cases, states will likely widen the ambit of Medicaid to encompass a bigger section of the population to insurance.

Coronavirus Insurance Policy
Source: The Economic Times

The present situation with Medicaid

As far as the present situation is concerned, as per the report from the Kaiser Family Foundation till June 25, 2023, 36 out of 50 states have opted to expand the ambit of Medicaid to help Americans get the insurance policy in these tough times. So if you are not part of those 14 states, you can go for it, and this is the best possible option.

The best part of the plan is the fact that it has a statutory backing of The Affordable Care Act (ACA). The best part of Medicaid is that it includes children too. But that also depends on your states. Different states have prescribed varying limits to encompass more people. And if you are worried about the children’s plans, then you can go for Child Health Insurance Plan to get a more clear picture.



Another option for the post corona insurance scheme which can be beneficial to you and your family. This option is a bit costly, and you need to have a decent monetary situation to take benefit of the scheme. This scheme is for those people who have lost their insurance due to job loss, but they are in a sound monetary situation where they can get premium from their pocket. COBRA or Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act can be over the top for a considerable section of the population, and thus less number of people can avail of this scheme.

The details of the scheme

The cost is way too high for most of the insurance seeker, and you need to have a decent bank balance to take this insurance scheme as per a report from the Times the premium can be as high as 102%. The break up can help you understand the scheme properly. The math behind 102% premium includes the amount you were paying plus the amount your company has been paying and an additional 2% as fees. So the total makes it a whopping 102%. Now, if you can afford this scheme, it’s okay, but if you can’t, still there are several options available in the market. The choices are available, just the thing is, you have to narrow down the most suitable choice.

Another set of details is related to your company. This scheme applies to those employees who were working in a company with more than 20 employees. So this is something you need to take care of before going ahead with the plan. There are state laws in COBRA which may vary from one state to another. One good thing which has been done amid the pandemic is that the claiming period of this scheme has been extended from 60 days to till the pandemic last. This is a big relief as it is going to be a significant financial decision, and there is the “n” number of factors to be considered. So this extension is a positive step towards the welfare of the people.

Some quick benefits of the scheme

  • You can claim the benefits of the scheme even if you were part of any other insurance plan and amid a treatment. This gives you the flexibility to switch the insurance without altering your treatment.
  • There is another aspect related to your wealth, and this is noteworthy. If your income is over 400% of the poverty level, in that case, COBRA is the best way out. This scheme will not only provide a brilliant coverage but also act as your savior when you are ineligible for other schemes.


 Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Another great option for those who are in the midst of the above-mentioned category. This scheme is for those whose income is between 100% to 400% of the poverty level. If you see the outreach of the scheme, its wide enough to encompass most of us. In total only 12 states and Washington, DC, aren’t part of this plan. But if you are living in one of these states, even in that case, you don’t have to worry as there are schemes already running in these states. So this is something which makes it universal in outreach.

So these are the government schemes where you can get affordable insurance, but there is no dearth of insurance companies with great plans. So your options are not limited to these, and there is a much bigger market available for getting insured from the COVID-19. There are certain caveats that may force you to go for insurance companies instead of directly taking benefits of the government schemes. One of the biggest caveats is 60 days. If you miss this window, then the chances of getting insured from the above-mentioned scheme reduce to a bare minimum. This is something that shifts a considerable number of people going with insurance companies, and they offer some affordable plans too.


 Insurance companies

Insurance policy
Source: Deccan Herald

As far as the COVID-19 is concerned, it has shaken up the world, and there are more than 2.5 million total cases. So this number is extremely high, and at these times, the price of treatment can be exorbitantly high. As per “Time,” the cost can be anywhere between $20k to $72k. So you have to cough up thousands of dollars to get treatment for COVID-19 if you are not insured by any plan. So this is a big step, and exploring all the options is the best way to spend less and benefit more.

The list of insurance companies is way too big, and therefore we have chosen some suitable insurance companies so that it can give a holistic picture to you. This is going to be a big decision, so a thorough analysis is needed as there are certain things you need to compare so that you can choose the best suitable plan for you and your family. There are three major areas that we will compare to give a holistic picture to you. The first being the testing related expenses, and if found positive, then the preliminary treatment is necessary. And if there is a need for advance treatment then which plans will cover you as per your needs.

Alignment Healthcare

If you are seeking a holistic healthcare program, we can guarantee that Alignment Healthcare is the one you can look up to. They have some great plans for the tough times where the insurance package comes with a plethora of other benefits that will not only take care of your medical expenses but also equips with tools to improve your lifestyle. They have developed a great tool which is named as AVA Personalised COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool.

cost-benefit analysis of the program

One of the most significant caveats we face in choosing an insurance plan is the cost involved and the benefits we are getting from that plan. It makes more sense when a customer gets more by spending less. This is something that Alignment Healthcare has worked upon, and they are making it possible through affordable plans with holistic coverage. One of the best parts of the insurance plan is the fact that it is going to ease the process of screening and testing for the members. They are doing it by reducing the member cost-sharing to zero. So this is something which is going to be a game-changer as it is going to include even your copays and deductibles.

The plan gives you the liberty to exercise your right to have preliminary testing from any medicare-certified provider. The ability to get tested without any hidden constraint makes a huge difference, and to ease the process even further, they don’t want you to wait for their clearance to do so—a great feat for those who were disappointed that they miss the government schemes.

Even Alignment Healthcare is doing its best to increase the ambit of insurance and include more number of Americans in the safety net. The amenities with the plan also includes the delivery of prescribed drugs through the mail. So you don’t have to go to a physical store to get your medicine. This also serves the process of social distancing, which is paramount to contain the spread of coronavirus.

As we have mentioned that they are providing more than healthcare, we didn’t mean to exaggerate. It’s a reality, and this is happening with the help of technology. They have arrangements for directly contacting your doctors through phone or video conference. This ease the process and helps you get the best service you deserve at a bare minimum price. These initiatives are aimed towards reducing your physical movements, which make you more vulnerable to the coronavirus, apart from the medical services it also provides you with free workout videos so that you can do some physical work amid the extended stay in the lockdown period.

SOURCE: American Health Insurance

Molina Healthcare

One of the biggest concerns associated with an insurance plan is the extent of coverage. Being the core element of an insurance plan, a customer must know the extent to which he is covered. This is paramount to an insurance plan as customers spend money so that they don’t have to worry about their sudden health situation in a time of crisis. This is something which Molina Healthcare is taking care of you, and there is a great line up of plans for you. Amid a pandemic, it’s great to see a company providing you with an A to Z coverage.

This includes everything from primary care with the doctor to any unforeseen situation which may arrive at your doorstep. In case of emergencies to you don’t have to worry even amid a pandemic. Molina Healthcare doesn’t want you to wait for their authorization; rather, it’s your life which matters the most. The value of human life is way more than any sort of paperwork. They don’t want you to face the trouble of getting into the nitty-gritty of your plan at the eleventh hour.

One of the best things with Molina Healthcare is that they have introduced some significant changes in their insurance plan, and it is done on a nation-wide scale irrespective of the state in which you are living. This is not only making the process hassle proof but also throws light on their intent towards the service of people in the tough times.

The reason for choosing Molina Healthcare

  • It is going to provide you with overall coverage by taking care of all the expenses by widening the ambit of their plans. It doesn’t matter which plan you have chosen, whether its Medicare, Medicaid, or the Marketplace members. The plans are extended to the entire nation, so any possibility of being excluded from your place of residence is taken care of by Molina Healthcare.
  • Being assured of the claims by the insurance provider is a crucial element in choosing a plan. And Molina Healthcare has taken care of it in a transparent way by already initiating the payment of $150 million to healthcare providers. So any possibility of being left out at the last moment is taken care of by Molina Healthcare. Going beyond this, Molina Healthcare has extended the previously approved prior authorizations until September 1, 2023.
  • One of the best things that Molina Healthcare has done is to equate the payment for doctors by providing the same amount for Telehealth service as they would have gotten in case of a patient visiting the doctor directly. So this makes a customer more assured of the quality healthcare a customer will get, and there won’t be any compromise on the qualitative front.

Apart from the facilities provided to the customer, Molina Healthcare is also ensuring that the front warriors don’t have to worry about basic things while they are taking care of the entire nation. To make use of technology, Molina Healthcare has already arranged for virtual meetings with the doctor, and to supplement it, the doctors are getting cell phones, computers, and data plans. A qualitative treatment can only be provided if we don’t panic at this stage, and the best thing with the plans of Molina Healthcare is that it is uprooting every hurdle to make sure that the customers get the best. So considering Molina Healthcare can be a great option.

SOURCE: American Health Insurance

Coronavirus Health Insurance
Source: BloombergQuint

 Health Alliance Plan

The health insurance from the Health Alliance Plan widens the ambit of your choices, and the plans encompass a greater section of the society. It has features from the rest of the plans by other companies, and it is unique in the sense that it also includes those with self-insured plans. So if you are someone with self-insured plans, in that case also you can join the Health Alliance Plan. In terms of scope, too, it is more widespread than other plans, and it gives a more inclusive plan than others, which makes it a more likely choice for a bigger section of the population.

If we see the details, we can ascertain that it has the widest possible coverage as it is compatible with individual plans member, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and fully insured. So if you think that Health Alliance Plan is only suitable for COVID-19 coverage, then you have to see the details of the service you are going to get. There is a much wider possibility here than anyone will anticipate, and we will be covering each aspect to ease the work for you.

The details associated with Health Alliance Plan

  • As mentioned in other plans, the Health Alliance Plan also ensures the waving off of all the preliminary treatment-related services. The ambit of cost-sharing analysis includes the COVID-19 testing too. The health plan takes care of you right from the beginning and takes care until the end of the problem.
  • The testing aspect is covered, which is further complemented with the coverage of treatment costs. And here also the Health Alliance Plan covers aspects like copays and deductible in coherence with the guidelines issued by the Federal and the state governments. A federal backing by a statute makes it reliable and also ensure the qualitative aspect of the plans. The best part is that the cost-sharing waiver is available through June 30, 2023. One of the best parts of cost-sharing in Health Alliance Plan is that it includes Telehealth services too which makes it a good option provided the extensive outreach of Health Alliance Plan.

Cost-benefit analysis of the plan

A cost-benefit analysis of the plan includes maximum benefit to the maximum number of people. Here is the catch of the above statement, the Health Alliance Plan has taken a quantum leap by reducing the premium charges by 5% for those who are working in institutions with less than 50 employees. So this widens the ambit of coverage by multiple folds, and we have solid proof to back our statement.

As per the report from the US Dept of Labour, around 60.4 percent of construction workers are working in establishments with less than 50 employees. If we look at the figures for the transport, trade, and utility sector, around 46.9% of people work in bodies with less than 50 employees. If you see the financial sector, then around 50.4% of people work in institutions with less than 50 employees. In the case of Leisure and Hospitality, the numbers are 58%, in the case of education 34.4%. So this goes on to prove that the probability of being in this group is already high and if you are in one of this sector or for that matter other sectors too included in the report, then the chances are very likely that you may have to pay 5% less. The changed rates can be seen in the bills starting July 1, and it will be available until December 2023.

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And if you go with the medicare advantage of the group, then you will be getting wider coverage than other plans. As it will encompass the cost of COVID-19 care coupled with any other ailment you may suffer from through December 2023. This is something that is going to bring a hell lot of difference in the insurance plan. The benefits are immense if we look at the burden it is putting on your pocket. So, in short, any Telehealth service you may claim will not be charged with copays, deductibles, or co-insurance.

SOURCE: American Health Insurance


As far as the present state of affairs is concerned, the unemployment scenario is prevailing, and as per the report from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the unemployment numbers were at 21 million in May. So this is worrisome, and a lot is happening around here. So if you are worried about the insurance premium and another related aspect, then CareFirst can be your savior. There are several aspects that make it one of the most financially feasible options for all of us amid the unemployment scenario.

Few important details of the plan

  • It’s an overall remedy to all your worries about your health as it includes lab fees or treatments of the coronavirus. This scheme gives you the liberty of choosing both in and out of network visits.
  • Another crucial aspect of the plan is the waiver of early medication refill limits for the 30 days maintenance medication.
  • It is also offering services of in-situ and Telehealth services. It is also working extensively to widen the ambit of its service providers to reduce any last-minute hassle and thus providing you utmost assurance of world-class treatment.

SOURCE: American Health Insurance

 We have talked about the financial feasibility of the insurance plans, and this is a crucial part of the decision making process for an individual seeking an insurance plan. The most important aspect of the plan is the flexibility of deferred payment of the premium amount. So even if you are not able to give the payment on time, it gives you the liberty to defer the payment by two months. And the best part comes now; you don’t even have to pay interest or penalty. So this makes it a pocket-friendly option too. Once you defer on the payment, then the payment of premium will be accordingly scheduled so that you are not overburdened amid this pandemic. This is a big relief for a large section of the population as there are staggering unemployment figures.

One of the biggest caveat with an insurance seeker is finance. And there is a need for all of us to remain calm and composed, which only comes with sound health. So there is a lot of options available in the market. Each one of the insurance providers is doing its best to cater to maximum benefits for the customers. A full proof use of technology is being done to bring more and more customers in the ambit of proper treatment. So there are certain areas where you should focus on getting the best out of a plan without overburdening your pocket.

Areas you should focus on getting the best out of your plan.

The first and foremost thing is to see the coverage you are getting. This is very important as the coverage should include treatment, cost, and another related aspect.


Coronavirus Testing
Source: The Verge

The most important aspect of the COVID-19 treatment is the costing, as testing is a crucial element in containing the spread of the virus. Testing not only saves you but also saves those who you care for. This is a full pronged strategy to limit your expenses as you will be able to detect the presence of coronavirus right at the beginning. So there won’t be any further spread of the virus. So testing is crucial for all of us. This becomes even more important with the ease in lockdown, and this is something that is going to stay there with us until we get a vaccine. A slight delay in testing, which costs around $100, may save you thousands of dollars in medical bills. So it is of paramount importance to check if the insurance provider is including the test of coronavirus.


It is the most crucial aspect of the whole medication process of COVID-19. This is something that is going to be a huge burden. So a full coverage can help you save more money than you can think. It is of paramount importance to check all the aspects of treatment. Getting Telehealth service as a part of the plan can have a two-fold benefit for you. One is the benefit of consulting the doctor from the comfort of your home, and the other is the risk of getting in contact reduces by a substantial amount. So this will help you in taking precautions too, and you can easily contact your doctor in case of any symptoms.


Needless to say that the cost is one of the most crucial aspects of the whole treatment process. So a reduced premium and other perks can help you in saving a good sum of money. Several options can be explored to make the most use of the insurance plan you are going to take. Fewer premium charges can help divert your finances to other areas. So before going for a plan, it will be great if you can assess the best possible option.

HEALTH CARE DISCLAIMER: This site and its services do not constitute the practice of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always talk to your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment, including your specific medical needs. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem or condition, please contact a qualified health care professional immediately. If you are in the United States and experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or call for emergency medical help directly. Also included links are not paid/promotional links, and we don’t encourage users to use this advice without talking to medical experts.

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