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Is Josh Brolin Returning To Deadpool 3 As Cable?

Deadpool 3 is being produced. We don’t know when it would be released, but we can tell that much is happening. Of course, that leads to casting, and although Marvel has not officially announced anything yet, today we hear that Josh Brolin, who starred as Cable at Deadpool 2, is back in negotiations for the third film. (His second appearance on the franchise).

Josh Brolin Will Be Back In Deadpool 3

There’s nothing in suspense right now, and there’s no fate of Deadpool 3 printed on an ancient scroll that we, or anyone, knows. However, it’s in the works, and we’re told he’s going to be the sequel back. And since the same sources determine us that the movie was developing months before Ryan Reynolds announced it, there is no reason for us to question it.

I would be pleased personally to see Brolin return to the franchise. He is an excellent actor with a big-screen presence, and his role in the previous film has just added to his wisecracking formula to keep things fresh. And the Logan jokes. In reality, it could have been only the Logan jokes. Nonetheless, he’s a fine actor anyway.

Will Deadpool 3 Have R-Rating?

With the takeover of 20th Century Fox by Disney, Deadpool is the family-friendly business Mouse and is back in the control of its parent firm Marvel (a subsidiary of Disney). Fancy struck furiously about what this would mean in this series for typically R-rated films. Is Disney child-centered ready to make an R-Rated Deadpool?

Director David Leitch says he doesn’t think there is a problem necessarily. He says, “It’s rated R, so it doesn’t automatically have to be an MCU brand, but not necessarily R, so Disney doesn’t only need to make PG-13 films.”

Yet Deadpool did not have to compromise. It turns out. Instead of diluting Deadpool to suit Disney, Kevin Feige from Marvel reveals that Disney has decided to let Deadpool remain his own. Deadpool 3 is R-Rated, reminding fans that the Merc with a mouth remains completely inept, just as in the previous Deadpool movies.

As to how they use the R-rating, that is still to be decided. In social media and interviews, Ryan Reynolds teases his fan base with the assurances that the 3rd film will take a new path. He didn’t give any information about what that path might be.

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