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Is Aquaman A Part Of Post-Crisis Arrowverse? The Flash Drops Major Hints

Is Aquaman A Part Of Post-Crisis Arrowverse? Here you every major detail related to it!!!

There are many differences between Earth-1, Pre-Crisis Reality and Earth-Prime, the home of the Arrowiers heroes after “Aronites on Infinity Earth”. During the last episodes of The Flash, Cisco Ramon has been travelling to this brave new world to reveal everything. In this week’s instalment, “Death of the Speed ​​Force”, Cisco finally returns to Central City and reveals a major change for viewers: Atlantis is now present on Arrowverse.

When Cisco surprises its friends by registering S.T.A.R. Laboratories, she acknowledges that she missed her home and missed her friends, and also that she had a great need to “wash the smell of the Atlantic fish” from these clothes. You can get a lot out of this short line. First, the kingdom of Atlantis is now on the dominated Earth. In detail, we can guess that an Arthur Curry AK Aquaman is also out there.

However, if this is Atlantis from traditional DC comics, it’s unclear. Back in season 2 of The Flash, we came to know that there was an Atlantis on Earth-2. However, it never sinks under the sea, and it was a very popular tourist destination, with Atlantic populations fully integrated with human society. Earth-2 Barry also bought his parents’ tickets for his anniversary in Atlanta, and the Earth-2 Iris family lived there.

The Flash Drops Major Hints…!!!

Cisco’s comment that its clothing smells fishy suggests that Earth’s dominant Atlantis is also above ground and similarly open to human tourism. Of course, this is a bit of a change from the normal state to submarine range. As shown in Aquaman 2018, Atlantis is commonly portrayed as isolationist and even xenophobic to surface occupants. Presumably, if the dominant Earth’s Atlantis never sinks like Earth-2, this attitude did not develop because this species was not hidden from humanity.

While it’s fun to think and reflect on the broader implications of this sort of thing, sadly, there is little chance that we will get Aero version Aquaman any time soon. Our best shot was “Crisis,” but it seems like DCEU’s continued use of the hero prevented this from happening. However, thanks to The Flash, we now know that another Justice League icon exists offscreen, respectively.

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