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Hunger Games Prequel: What Will Be The Storyline For It?

Hit film franchise The Hunger Games turned out to be one of the best on-screen adaptation garnering huge box office collection, fans seemed to love the adventure-filled games and now we have another great news for Hunger Games fans! Let us take a look at all the details given below.

Hunger Games Is Returning On Screen With A Brand New Prequel On screen! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, based on Suzanna Collin’s upcoming novel the Hunger Games will be returning with a prequel! Studio giant Lionsgate has confirmed that The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will be developed into a movie by returning director Francis Lawrence again behind the camera this time! So with the directing helming the project, fans will be taking a backseat and going back in time and action of the Hunger Games.

Is Jennifer Lawrence Going To Return For The Prequel As Well?

As far as the plotline of the concerned, it will concentrate on the story of focuses on Coriolanus Snow at the young age of 18 before he goes ok to become the tyrannical Panem President. However, there is no additional information about the casing of the prequel. Have a look at this Twitter post making the announcement viral.

This prequel is pretty much an expected move as the Hunger Games went on to become one of the most record-breakings adaptions with garnering as much as almost $3 billion worldwide. However, fans might be a bit disappointed as Jennifer Lawrence might not be returning considering the novel is set decades before Katniss Everdeen was first introduced.

Lionsgate Has Made The Exclusive Announcement About The Prequel.

The story will be set way back in time with the whole action of the plot taking place 74 years prior to the start of the Hunger Games trilogy. If remembered carefully, all this is way before recurring characters Katniss or Peeta Mellark had even been born. So some characters won’t be reprising they’re role for sure. However, some new additions are bound to happen with a fresh new story to the old yet popular games of all time! We surely can’t wait.

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