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Hulk’s Future Plans Revealed For Further Phases

Marvel fans are desperately waiting to witness the era of post endgame. However, it’s apparent that TV shows will have more impact than movies in further phases, but we still can’t rule out some potential character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After the death of Iron Man and Black Widow, the aging of Captain America, Thor boarding the ship of Guardians, only Hulk is left out and his future is uncertain in further phases of MCU.

Hulk Future Plans

We already witnessed a different side of Hulk in Avengers Endgame as Banner totally lost control over the beast but he is not that same chaotic beast anymore. Professor Hulk is more of a mind game person and he operates more with his brain than his muscle power. So will he ever regain its powers and turned into the beast again?

There is a theory that Hulk could be the next big thing but not as a good guy but he could feature as an antagonist in the future. In Marvel comics, he already presented as a villain and showed his dark side to Avengers.

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Current Scenario

It is reported that currently, the hulk is not on the radar of Marvel Cinematic Universe and it will not feature in two or three years. There were speculations of a standalone but we are totally ruled out as there is no such lineup for Hulk movie in the future.

Death of Hulk 

Now the most interesting part, Hulk could die in future phases as he is the only one character whose fate is not decided. So either he will be a villain or could die. As far as the characters are concerned every character gets its own spotlight in terms of appearances and farewell. But the Hulk case is still doubtful and he could be useful in future plans of Marvel.

So let’s hope we could witness a standalone of Hulk as the character is getting more hyped after its villain speculations.

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