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How I Met Your Mother: A Spin-Off On Barney? How Would It Look Like?

‘How I met Your Mother’ was a great sitcom that allegedly was supposed to tell the story of one man, Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), who met his two now-adolescent children’s mysterious mother. As the adult Ted, spoken by Bob Saget, tried to tell his children the tale, he was going from the story.

He and his four colleagues, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) Marshall (Jason Segel), Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Robin (Cobie Smulders), all of his stories focused on the steady stream of women he dated before the Mom, and the hijinx were met in their 1920’s and 30’s.

The show, which spent nine productive seasons, established a development that also spawned common phrases such as the Bro Code. And while it could not be rekindled now that the story has come to an official end.

Will There Be A Spin-Off On Barney Stinson?

Since the show was finished, the issue is that ‘How I Met Your Mother’ has all gone from anchoring the latest TV series (Josh Radnor) to working with the Avengers (Cobie Smulders), which is at best impossible to carry the reunion or spin-off series – at least now.

Even the writers or producers of the show never commented on a possible spin-off series after the show was completed.

How Would The Spin-Off On Barney Stinson Look Like?

Imagine the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ team taking a look from BreakingBad and launching a spin-off that examines the life and times of the most exciting character of the show before it ever joined the gang at MacLaren’s Pub.

Barney Stinson, who loves the characters watching any hot woman he met up to date, wore an armchair and made an excellent bank visible while no one knew his job and gave Ted and everyone else’s dating advice.

A fascinating coming-of-mature story may be a spin-off based on the character of Barney as a 40-single father living in New York who tried to change the way he playboys with a friend. At the same time, it might be easier to look at Barney’s life in HIMYM activities that would open the door for some great comedians.

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