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Homelander VS Superman: Why Compairsions Specualtions Fueled Suddenly?

Why the comparisons speculations fueled suddenly between Homelander VS Superman? What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know!

What you should know about Homelander and Superman!

The Homelander’s public image in The Boys is very similar to that of Superman or Captain America. People see him as a patriotic and philanthropic hero fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. In fact, the Homelander was created in a laboratory and essentially in accordance with conservative American ideals, and although the intention was to make him a hero, his coldness, without raising him, made him more villainous.

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Homelander can likely do real damage by seeing Superman, as he’s the most powerful of The Boys so far, but it could also be their downfall. Because he’s so much stronger than others, the Homelander sees himself (and is seen by others) as an unbeatable deity, and within the world of children, he’s one of a kind. Other members of The Seven can’t hold a candle near him either, but that means he’ll have a rude awakening in the fight against Superman.

What there is a comparison between Homelander VS Superman?

Over the years, Superman has fought countless enemies that are as strong as he is the Zodiac, Doomsday, Darkseed, and more. He has more experience fighting other super-powerful creatures than the Homelanders, who have never faced a real challenge. Also, none of the Homelander’s tricks revealed that he was as strong or sharp as Superman.

The Homelander cannot lift a plane while flying, which is not a problem for Superman. In fact, some speculate that Superman’s strength is essentially limitless and that his speed is that of the Flash. In general, the Homelander is not on the level of Superman, so without access to magic or kryptonite, it is unlikely that he will be able to take the Man of Steel in direct combat.

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