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Harry Style’s Watermelon Sugar: What’s So Special ?

Harry Style’s Watermelon Sugar Song Is Out Now

Today is a phenomenal day, do you know why? Alright, I’ll let you know: Harry Styles discharged the music video for the tune of the late spring, “Watermelon Sugar,” and, similar to each and everything he is engaged with, it’s a DELIGHT.

The video opens after a screen indicating that it’s committed “contacting” with Harry plunking down to a new breakfast on the seashore that we should all be envious of. It incorporates a glass of squeezed orange, some espresso, a solitary croissant, and indeed, a cut of watermelon that he strokes. Consistent with the name of the tune, there is a LOT of watermelons in this video.

This Is What Is So Special About The Song

As we’ve just detailed, this melody evidently has, um, a very NSFW meaning, and the video is likewise pretty NSFW! But on the other hand, it’s FUN. Everybody looks appealing while at the same time getting their supplements with some new organic product! Exceptionally healthy on the off chance that you ask me!! If you’ve been cooped up in your loft like a few people (hack, hack, me), at that point watching a lot of hot individuals snuggling, moving around, and eating a pinnacle of the natural product on the seashore may fill you with desire however it is likewise GREAT.

Give it a watch, wash off certain strawberries, and request yourself a sewed swimsuit (I out of nowhere need one now???). You’ll be following after some admirable people as once the video dropped, it practically exploded the web. Anyway, exceptionally cheerful Harry Styles exists, what a major day for watermelons, time to watch this 1,000 additional occasions, won’t you go along with me?