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Harry Potter: Where Is The Cast Now? Now VS Then!

Harry Potter films have undoubtedly filled our childhood with one of the most beautiful memories. The magic and witch-themed stories made us feel as if we were a part of that magical world. And ever since the first film launched till the last one, we have seen the stars growing up together with us.

Even if we still watch them now, our excitement is at some other level and gives us the same feeling when we watched it for the first time. It’s been quite a long time now since the Harry Potter franchise came to an end, and we are thinking where the cast is putting themselves right now and how they are doing in life. So let’s find out below:-

1. Daniel Radcliffe-

Our lead protagonist continues to be remembered with his first-ever stint in Hollywood by portraying the titular character of Harry Potter. Surely no one could have donned the character other than Daniel for sure. After playing the role of eight films, Daniel’s journey in the film industry is going well as he has been a part of films of almost all the genres, be it horror, romance, comedies, or period dramas. Apart from that, Daniel is enjoying taking a step further in learning his hobbies, which includes learning rap lyrics, penning down poems, and working with a lot of charity entities.

Harry Potter
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2. Rupert Grint- 

Since his very first time portrayal of Ron Weasley, the young boy had a perfect comedy timing, and he stood by Harry always no matter what. Ahh! The ideal best friend indeed. And after that, the actor has been seen in a lot of films which include Enemy Of Man, Moonwalkers, WWII- Set Into The White and many others. And now amidst the lockdown, Rupert is enjoying his family time after recently welcoming his second child with his girlfriend. Still cannot believe that these actors have grown up so big!

3. Emma Watson-

The perfect support system for Harry Potter and ended up with Ron, Hermoine Granger, played by Emma, was the best role in the films. A determined and diligent child who just knew almost everything and was throughout the journey with Harry to fight Voldemort. Well, in the real-life as well Emma loves reading and learning, and after she was done with the Harry Potter franchise, the next thing was to get herself a Bachelors’s Degree. Later on, her journey began with a lot of films like Beauty and The Beast, Noah, The Bling Ring. She also serves as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

4. Michael Gambon-

The man who maintained the entire Hogwarts, none other than Professor Albus Dumbledore. He was always there as a guardian and mentor for Harry, seeking his direction from the very beginning. After his role came to an end, he was seen in a lot of other films Victoria and Abdul, Kingsman- The Golden Circle along with a lot of web series as well. Since he has aged up now, Michael has given up stage acting because it requires much more time and efforts to learn.

5. Alan Rickman-

The Slytherin headmaster who was always seen as hating Harry Potter until we were made aware that he was the one who protected Harry since the very beginning. The impact that he created was one of the highlights of the films, and after its end, Rickman could be seen in a lot of movies which includes Love, Die Hard, The Seagull and a lot of other films. Unfortunately, he is now no more amongst us and may his soul rest in peace.

6. Tom Felton-

Ahh! The bad and overly rich yet a stupid Slytherin Draco Malfoy. He was a complete pain in the nose that keeps on poking, but whenever you need to do something, no one is as coward as this man. Still, we loved him, and he won many awards for his role. Tom can be seen in a lot of movies which includes web series, Belle, In Secret, The Apparition. For those of you who don’t know, Tom is also a good musician.

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