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Harley Quinn: Animated Show Bags Season 3 Renewal

What can we expect from season 3 of the series Harley Quinn? What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know about the cast plot and release date of the series Harley Quinn Season 3.

Harley Quinn Season 3: Release Date

Harley Quinn followed her decadent persona in her boldness with Poison Ivy and with the ragged team of misunderstood artists. The series garnered enough positive attention for its move to HBO Max in August that many speculated that the season 3 renewal was confirmed.

Harley Quinn season 3: DC Universe renewal status, potential release date and fan reaction – HITC
source: HITC

However, for more than two months since season 2 ended and it has not been said if the show will air live to watch the second season. The good news is that Harley Quinn is renewed for season 3. It is possible that Season 3 will premiere on HBO Max late next year or in 2023 at the earliest. The first two seasons premiered months apart, as the show had already regained its 26-episode order in 2017.

Harley Quinn Season 3: Plotline

Season 2 ends with Commissioner Jim Gordon marrying Kite Ivy to Kite Man to overcome the Justice League and take on the participating villains. Harley also interrupts the wedding to stop Gordon and save his best friend (who has feelings for him). Gordon flees and utters chaos, but Harley and Ivy finally get the happy ending they deserve and drive together at sunset (while being chased by Gordon’s men). Oh, and the Joker felt like he still wanted to be a villain, but he also settled in the suburbs with his new girlfriend. What a show!

Fans should expect from season 3 that starting with season 2, Harley and Ivy begin a romantic relationship together (and possibly get caught while in jail). Much remains to be explored with the story. After all, Gotham City is still cut off from the rest of the United States and Harley finally realizes that she is not the straight villain she wanted to be. Season 3 can see him explore this new side as he finds his place as an anti-hero.

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