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Happy Death Day 3: What Jason Blum Has Planned For The Third Film

In 2019 Happy Death Day 2U released in the theaters. The science fiction slasher film, a sequel to the hit Happy Death Day did not do well at the box office. After the underperformance of the film, it seemed that the third part of Happy Death Day will not be made. But Happy Death Day 3 seems to be in development.

Happy Death Day 3: Is The Film Happening?

Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions has been promoting the digital release of The Invisible Man. While promoting the film, Jason was asked about the third installment of Happy Death To You. The head of the production house said that he was working overtime on making the third installment of Happy Death Day possible. But he added that not is official about Happy Death Day 3 yet.

Happy Death Day Star Addresses Hopes for Third Film


Christopher Landon On Happy Death Day 3

Sometime back Christopher Landon, who has worked as the writer and director of Happy Death Day franchise said that for a sequel of Happy Death Day to be made into reality, a big production house will have to finance the film. Landon has ideas for the third installment of the film.

Christopher Landon has been associated with Blumhouse Productions for a long time. The writer and director have worked on Paranormal Activity films for the production house. He was recently roped in by the production house for the upcoming Paranormal Activity 7.

Happy Death Day 3: Is It Possible?

Happy Death Day 2U had made a $64 million worldwide. The film was made on a budget of $9 million. The film was profitable but did not do as well as the first film. But a third film is possible. Jason Blum is working on making the third part of Happy Death Day possible. Christopher Landon has ideas for the film. Jessica Rothe who portrays the lead role in the film is ready to get back to the franchise for another film.

What Is The Premise Of Happy Death Day?

Happy Death Day follows a young woman named Tree. Every time Tree dies, she gets stuck in a time loop. The same day is repeated again and again. The tree takes the help of her friends to break the loop.

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