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Grey’s Anatomy: Season 17? Details About Release Date

American medical drama Anatomy Grey returned earlier this year for an unprecedented 15th season, becoming the longest-running primetime drama in ABC history. A sixteenth has not been officially confirmed, although star Ellen Pompeo, who plays the title Meredith Gray, has been hired for one more season, suggesting that at least the future have another. Season 15 of the hit series has yet to premiere in the UK, so if you’re looking for UK momentum, watch out for the spoiler below.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Release Date: When Will It Air?

After the debut of the previous season, and given the particular time of year that all the US shows return, we can very safely say that the Grey’s Anatomy season will begin on September 16, 2019. Sky Living airs it in the UK and season 15 is expected to start later this year. A follow-up season is expected around November 2019.

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When is Grey’s Anatomy stating?

In the later episodes, viewers will find out if Teddy and Owen are going to live together, as well as Amelia and Link’s baby name that was not mentioned at the end of episode 21. The finale was also expected to be full of drama, as its 19th season of the Crossover series had a blast at Pac-North Hospital. The Station 19 finale featured several members of the Grey’s Anatomy cast, which would have been the focus of its own final episode.

While the series was supposed to have 25 installments, it is now 21 years old. Grey’s Anatomy, like many other TV shows and movies around the world, had to stop filming in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. But this meant that there was no episode 22 in the last series.

Grey’s Anatomy will return for season 17, but a release date has yet to be decided. Also, some stories that would be included in the season 16 finale, including Blast, would be modified or removed for the next series.

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