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Gladiator 2 Is In Works! Producer Confirms Rumors

Actress Connie Nielsen confirms that the sequel is still ongoing and that she wants to reprise her role as Lucilla.

Gladiator remains to this day one of the most beloved movies of all time. This year, the Ridley Scott film will be 20 years old, in fact, it was a few weeks ago. Inevitably, this anniversary has brought back the question regarding the Gladiator sequel that has been running since 2018. And this sequel is one of those projects that, by the looks of it, are simmering. And what remains.

Connie Nielsen ( Wonder Woman ), the actress who played Lucilla, the daughter of Emperor Marco Aurelio and sister of Comodo, the character played by Joaquin Phoenix ( Joker ), has spoken to Entertainment Weekly about the sequel to Gladiator.

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The actress has confirmed that the film is still running and that she hopes to reprise her role as Lucilla. While the true story brought him an untimely death, in the Ridley movie Scott survived Comodo. We don’t have many details about the plot of Gladiator 2. Naturally, it is very difficult for Russell Crowe to appear in the film considering the final stretch of the 2000 film.

The previously unpublished Gladiator 2 drafts took the franchise to a science fiction range. Singer Nick Wave, for example, wrote in a chronological order that Maximus was raised by the gods to travel and stop the persecution of Roman Christians. Although completely scratched, the script finally came online, where it was made fun of by fans.

The upcoming Gladiator sequence seems to be more grounded, and Riley Scott’s return vocals are promising. Currently, the 81-year-old director is working on a completely new Alien movie for Dyson, with the success he received at Fox. Also, it’s not clear when Gladiator 2 will hit theatres – stay tuned for more updates on the project when they are released.

What do you think this Gladiator sequel can tell without Russell Crowe?

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