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Ghost Rider Reboot? These Actors Are Being Eyed!

Its been a long time when Ghost Rider’s last movie was released on the big screens. It is the sequel of the film Ghost Rider. So the fans of the Ghost Rider films are up ’til now expecting for a third part. There are asking with regards to whether they will get a third film or not. So keep reading all the latest updates for the third part.

Will There Be Ghost Rider Reboot

Not long after the release of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, it was announced that a third film is in works. For sure, even the tops of the second film Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, said that they would make a possible Ghost Rider 3, and another boss would maybe direct it. Regardless, heartbreakingly, the plans for a third film were canceled.

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Source: CBR

By then, in 2013, the rights of Ghost Rider returned to Marvel Studios. They don’t discuss any plans for a third or reboot film of Ghost Rider. Nicholas Cage is also not enthused about repeating his role for a third film. Presently doubtlessly, Ghost Rider 3 isn’t going on with Nicholas Cage in the lead role.

Why The Third Part Got Canceled?

At the point when Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was conveyed, the film got a review from the savants for the story, acting, and improvements. It was almost no powerful than the film. The 2007 Ghost Rider was a great deal of productive, it got positive reviews, and it was the most-watched film.

With the objective, that is the main reason. A third film didn’t happen. Earlier, Nicholas Cage said that an R-Rated Ghost Rider film should happen as the character justified. Walled in the area said his time is over for performing Ghost Rider.

Will Johnny Depp Appear In It

There are rumors that Johnny Depp appears in the upcoming Ghost Rider film. It is one of the famous movies. But his appearance probably won’t be true. Nonetheless, we are surely going to see Johnny Depp back on the big screens in fantastic beast 3.

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