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Game Of Thrones Star Being Eyed For A Role As DCEU’s Zatanna

DC is going forward with a line of new characters and superheroes from its comic books. After all, we can see the love and excitement.pouring in on these web series that DC has created. Moreover what is even better to see is that DCEU is bringing a lot of female superheroes making a female-oriented web series.

Zatanna: Another Superwoman

This includes Batwoman and Supergirl, and now we have another female superhuman in line, which is called Zatanna. And if reports are to be believed the makers have already begun with developing it. The main thing comes now as to who would serve as the leading girl as Zatanna. Well, we have this one for you.

Emilia Clarke Might Play The Role Of Zatanna

The makers are eyeing on Emilia Clarke to reprise the role of Zatanna Zatara. Yes, you know Emilia who was seen in the hell famous web drama Game Of Thrones. And now the show has finally come to an end, Emilia can now focus on taking other long term projects and take up some different characters to portray. Also, it is out that Emilia is in good talks with the makers who are discussing the look and presentation of the character on screen. This hints out that she is a solid contender for the role and almost finalized as Zatanna.

Emilia Clarke As Zatanna
Source: Heroic Hollywood

Who is Zatanna?

Zatanna is a magician in real life who even pursues it as a stage magician to entertain the audiences. However, she is involved with the Justice League and has some childhood with Batman. Now she would be taking a step forward and use magic to protect the world from the evil forces. Her character is compelling, who has a vast knowledge of magic and spells.

Other Cast Members In The Movie

Currently, we have one name in the actor’s list, and the rest would be revealed shortly as soon as we get to know. So till then stay tuned and get excited as a new superwoman is in town folks. We will appear with more updates very soon about it.

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