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Friday The 13th: Jason Blum Opened Up About The Possible Reboot Of The Horror Franchise

One of the most trusted producers in Hollywood is Jason Blum and he has produced the best horror movies in recent years.

Last year, his company’s two biggest releases, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Split’, impressed fans of horror and thriller, while ‘Get Out’ is clearly at the forefront of this year’s Oscars. But, the now acclaimed producer is considering another classic horror franchise: ‘Friday the 13th’.

According to sources, when asked what other iconic series he wanted to skip, he replied, “Other than ‘Halloween’? You know, I really wanted to do ‘Friday the 13th.’ I have to do it.” I would love to make that movie. Maybe one day. We’ll get that one. ”

Blumhouse will restart the iconic ‘Halloween’ franchise, with the return of original star Jamie Lee Curtis and even original producer John Carpenter behind the scenes.

Is Friday the 13th ‘is a 1980s slasher film focusing on the blood-soaked exploits of Jason Voorhees, an invincible teenage killer, wearing a mostly hormone-laden hockey mask.

A Friday reboot has been in the works for years, ever since it was played extensively on Friday the 13th of 2009 by the director of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Marcus Nispel. Rumors are Platinum Dunes would return to the drawing board and recreated the legend of the immortal slasher, Jason Voorhees, in such a way that will explain its backstory, but Paramount finally took over the project before continuing and decided to pull the plug. With Mr. Voorhees seemingly back in hell for the foreseeable future, Jason Blum feels that the people at Blumhouse Productions can give a fair revival to the mythology they have long needed.

To say that the franchise on Friday the 13th could use the Blumhouse treatment would make little sense. The franchise has seen better days and it will require a little oil on his elbow to get it working again. That said, if anyone can do that, Blumhouse seems like a safe company to bet on.

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