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Florida Couple Jailed After Infant Who Died Had Narcotics In Body

The Florida couple was arrested on Monday, months after their 3-month-old baby died under their care and the baby in their family tested positive for narcotics

Sources received a heavily edited arrest report stating that the child was pronounced dead in hospital in January. Cheyanne Schilling, 24, was hospitalized around the same time after allegedly making suicide allegations to medical staff.

Schilling reportedly became so aggressive that she had to take a sedative. The doctor found marks on his hands and burns on his fingers, which authorities said were related to intravenous narcotics use.

The MP who initially responded to Schilling and Jonathon Lopez’s home in Lake City learned of another child in that home. The arrest report states that the police found a 3-year-old boy who was dirty, with blood on his cheek, wearing only a shirt and a diaper.

The investigators found the substances which were harmful to children

MEPs also reportedly noticed a pile of burning garbage in the area that contained glass and other debris which, if left unattended, could harm the child. Neighbors told police that, according to the reports, the child often ran unattended down the street.

Additionally, investigators told that the couple’s trailer was very dirty and unsuitable for children.

Schilling went to the hospital and stayed in the hospital. Meanwhile, the Department of Children and Families cared for a three-year-old boy and took hair samples for narcotics testing.

On March 2, narcotics were allegedly found in a sample of the baby’s hair. Schilling was arrested on May 4 for violation of probation resulting from a positive narcotics test, the news reported.

Charges for the crime

Schilling and Lopez, 25, were charged with child neglect and personal injury in connection with a positive narcotics test on a three-year-old. Investigators explained that it took months to issue arrest warrants because they were awaiting the autopsy report of the deceased child and the three-year-old child’s toxicology report.

Although local reports have determined that the deceased child was the son of Schilling and Lopez, it is unclear what this child has to do with the couple. It is also not known whether the child was placed in a foster family.

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