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FIFA 21: Why VAR Would Not Be Available In This Year’s Edition?

Like every year, football fans are desperately waiting for the next edition of FIFA, and it got already teased. This fall’s edition features the young french international Kylian Mbappe on the cover and focuses on his journey from youth to teaching the high ranks of Paris Saint Germain.

FIFA 21 like ways seems a pretty clone of the previous edition of FIFA 20, and this is not a new thing for EA Sports. They are doing this for years, a little modification with squad updates and some add on features. We are not hating on it but just spitting out some facts about the EA’s masterpiece.

The one thing which makes this edition more predictable is the introduction of VAR. The Video Assistant referee is here since the year 2018, and still, there is no action from the EA side to bring the feature in this edition. We have solid reasons to prove the fact that VAR is in difficult shape to arrive on FIFA.

Artificial Intelligence

EA Sports FIFA comprises of Goal Line Technology and Eagle-eyed offside management. But still, there are some serious blunders regarding the treatment of the gameplay. Several bugs ruined the experience of a gamer, but EA still sticks on its improved engines. They concluded the fact that VAR is needed to revert a decision, but the actions that took place in FIFA gameplay is monitored by the advanced AI systems, and there is no margin of errors. Simply they called out that fouls given were well deserved and offside calls are to the point, and you can’t argue them with this.

How VAR Could Be Used?

In the game, its good to see the animations of the referee walking down the ground and checking the screens to review the decisions. But how players will appeal for it as EA already said that they have the best AI systems and there is no scope of malpractice in it. So there is no need for VAR to be introduced in the franchise.

But still, as FIFA fans, we still want the VAR to be implemented in EA Sports Game and see how unrealistic it would be.

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