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Fast And Furious 9: Will The Storyline Of The Flick Bring A Lot Of Drama And Excitement

The auto racing franchise has slowly evolved beyond its roots at the road level and shows no fear of adapting to changing times. As a result of the desire to change (while maintaining a central family theme), the Fast and Furious franchise has scored a universally significant victory.

Now descending on the heels of Fate of the Furious, appropriately received (both commercially and critically), all eyes are on the ninth instalment in its long-running franchise, so it’s a bonus. The trajectory continued. We still have a long way to go to get to theatres for Fast and Furious 9, but we’ve put together a how-to guide to everything you need to know about the project, and we’ll share it with new information. On that note, let’s dive in and talk about the status of this long-awaited sequel.

Is the ninth Fast and Furious movie happening?

Last year’s series star Vin Diesel announced on social media that he intended to watch the franchise for two decades and ten movies. This means (if the idea remains strong) that the Fast and Furious 9 franchise may be marked for the penultimate instalment, or at least paving the way for the final property reboot / remodel.

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Expected Release Date?

After the April 2017 release of The Fate of the Furious, it looks like we’ll have to wait a few years before the next chapter in this franchise debuts on the big screen. Fast and Furious 9 was originally scheduled for April 10, 2024, but was later moved to May 22 of the same year, a date that was originally Godzilla vs. Kong. In any case, that a year later, Universal initially planned, but more on that drama later.

Who Is The Director?

The Fast and Furious series was recently released by Straight Outta Compton F. He was played by Gary Gray, and before that, he was found in the hands of James Wan of The Conjuring. However, with the ninth film in the franchise, it seems that Universal wants to go back to a formula that has worked over and over again. Justin Lin, who has retired all of the Tokyo Drift films through Fast 6, is back in the director’s chair for Fast and Furious 9, the first film he has directed since 2016’s Star Trek Beyond.

What’s going on behind the scenes of Fast and Furious 9?

The Fast and Furious franchise is no stranger to behind-the-scenes fighting, but it seems things are already starting to heat up behind the scenes in the next installment of this long-running franchise. In particular, Tires Gibson called Dwayne Johnson on social media about the film’s delay. To keep from getting ahead, Dwayne Johnson has started to fight back, and it seems like another cycle of Fast & Furious actors is on our side.

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