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Fast And Furious 9: 5 Things That Won’t Make Sense If Repeated Again Like The Previous Movies

Fast and Furious was one of the entertainment history’s most unexpected franchises. The first movie was meant to be a forgettable action flick, which eventually turned into a shattering hit. The sequel was not terrible, but Tokyo Drift seemed once and for all to finish the series. But then Fast & Furious and Fast Five were resurrected, and Dwayne Johnson was introduced to inspire it.

Each entry has since been a bigger hit than the previous film, and it even had the Hobbs and Shaw spin-offs. Filmmakers can’t get enough of these top chases while the gearboxes love to watch a slew of fantastic cars.

People have had to contend with how cars work more than a few liberties in the movies. These are not just simple errors when it comes to how some cars treat themselves. Films regularly break the laws of physics, and cars do physically impossible things.

5 Things That Won’t Make Sense

#1. Driving After Damage

Many car owners know how a pothole blow-out or a minor crash causes enormous damage and takes weeks to repair it correctly. In comparison to how cars are longer-lasting in F&F films than any GTA game.

Cars smash through walls, leap 50 feet in the air and land, crash down the cliffs and stay in perfect working order. They look lightly scratched, let alone the suspension and engine. Only GTA cars don’t go as well as in these films after so much damage.

#2. Parachuting From A Plane

For Furious 7, the group must find a way of hiding a mounted convoy. The solution is to dump cars onto the road to intercept the convoy, out of a large cargo aircraft and parachute.

Surprisingly, this scene was done for real, even if the actual landing was not as smooth. Having a ton of metal in the right place is hard enough, let alone keep the cars from getting damaged by the tire and the frame. In the film, they are ready to loose immediately if the car skydiving presents serious dangers.

#3. Hacking Of Cars

Hollywood tends to believe that computers are magical. In Fate of the Furious, evil Cipher distracts the team by hacking a few hundred cars and sending them on the streets. The biggest problem is that most of these cars don’t have the systems that can be hacked remotely. This does not mean how easy it is to take corners if several people do a self-driving job.

#4. Nitro Emits Flame

This was one of the most significant offenses in the whole F&F saga. The films push the idea that nitro is “rocket fuel” and that every vehicle can be turned into a high-speed machine with often exhaust flames. The problem is that nitro doesn’t work as it does in the films anywhere.

It will not emit flame, it will not fire under a small spark, and it provides fuel acceleration.

#5. Going Faster In Reverse

The first big case is 2 Fast 2 Furious as Brian is driving in his Lancer Evo. At one point, Brian whips the car around for 100 mph–and it goes much faster than he was.

This is not the only case in the franchise, as people drive faster than they are. The reverse does not function like this, because acceleration means development, not return. The F&F cars have twisted truth another time.

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