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Extraction 2: What Russo Brothers Has Planned For The Sequel Of Action Film?

Are there more stories to tell when this Netflix original action extraction comes out?

According to director Sam Hargrave and producer/writer Joe Russo, the possibility of a sequel or extraction prequel is definitely on the table.

Netflix’s latest release features Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, who is hiring a mercenary to move out of Bangladesh while trying to kidnap Ovi Mahajan as Rudraksha Jaiswal, the son of the international lord of crime. During Ovi’s death or life mission, both find safe haven with Gaspar (David Harbour), who is Tyler’s friend and collaborator.

A different possibility to continue the story extraction would be considered the relationship between Hemsworth’s and Harbour’s character, Gaspar, and Tyler Rake. In the extraction, it is clear that there is a link between these characters.

Is there is an Extraction sequel?

Chris Hemsworth is likely to surprise his role as Tyler again, though there will be no concrete agreement to bring him back until the script is finished. However, the actor recently posted a thank you to fans on Instagram where he spoke about the possibility of a sequel.

Hemsworth said, “I just wanted to thank everyone who reviewed the extraction … We have received comments and support, so on my behalf, the Russo brothers, Netflix, our director Sam Hargrave, thank you very much. Thank you very much. I love you guys,” said Hemsworth. “There have been a lot of talks and questions about sequels and prequels and all kinds of things and I can say ‘you know?’ But with this kind of support, it’s something I would be much more agile to jump into”.

In more exciting news, Chris Evans was rumored to be playing the role in the sequel as the villain in the sequel! Oscar is reportedly being tried to kill Oscar Issac for a drug trafficking role.

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