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Exes Of Johnny Depp Claims That He Is Not A Violent Person

He Is Not A Violent Person

Two former passionate partners of actor Johnny Depp came to his support on Wednesday in his lying suit against British newspaper The Sun, rejecting the allegations that he was violent or aggressive. Actors Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder got offered supportive statements for the Pirates of the Caribbean player, who is claiming the tabloid papers were got publisher, the News Group Newspapers, over an April 2018 article which related to the 56-year-old Johnny Depp as a wife-beater.

The article got introduced the charges by Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, Amber Heard, who got designated for divorce after demanding a domestic violence restraining order. Johnny Depp has industriously rejected the allegations. In a conference managed remotely, lawyers for Johnny Depp claimed that statements from Ryder and Paradis should be included as evidence in the actor’s case against the reporter.

About Johnny Depp Relationship

The article is related to allegations made against Mr. Johnny Depp by his former wife, actress Amber Heard which the actor strenuously rejects. Mr. Johnny Depp and Ms. Heard got split in 2016, and are now fighting in two separate legal actions on both sides of the Atlantic. Ms. Heard, who earlier got alleged Johhny Depp hammered her, said she got feared for her life during their relationship and that he choked her and ripped out her hair. His side insists her allegations are a hoax, that she hit him and went so far as to paint on her injuries. 

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