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Ed Sheeran: Singer Gives Lessons Via Video Conferencing

Ed Sheeran Gives Lessons Via Video Conferencing Every Details Inside:-

Ed Sheeran surprised school students with a music lesson through a video call using Zoom App. Just imagine Castle On The Hill song played via Ed Sheeran on guitar and jumping all out there on a video call class. Well, that’s precisely what happened when the 29-year-old singer met Ecclesbourne School’s music director Timothy Spoerer to surprise the kids of that class. Ed attended a question-and-answer session with the class while teaching him about his talent for guitar and admitted that for a long time, he thought he was an “idiot” because he wasn’t brilliant at school.

Ed Sheeran shared about his school time:-

The star, who is currently taking a break from music, said: Originally, I wasn’t brilliant at school, I felt like I was stupid for a long time. “I couldn’t do math, science, and English and they told me to be successful in life, you had to do those things.” ‘I loved playing music, which made me happier. My dad always told me, if you want to be a musician, you work hard at it.

Ed Sheeran gives music lessons to school kids - Social News XYZ

Source- SocialNews.XYZ

Ed telling the kids about how he started:-

Ed said it took a lot of work to become top of the list and that he struggled very much first to get paid. Even he played cover songs at weddings. As for the new music, Ed revealed that he would not leave anything new until next year, as he needed some time to do nothing and adopt a healthy life. In 2017, Ed announced that he would be taking a break for a while after touring nonstop with his album Divide from 2017.

He told fans he wanted to ‘breathe a sigh of relief,’ ‘live a little longer,’ and ‘see the world more,’ but promised that he would return with more music when time is up.

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