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Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass: Special Documentary On Youtube: Release Date And Much More

Many people think they know Dude Best, with over 50 million YouTube subscribers and 10+ billion views. This film looks into the story of their incredible YouTube channel, which builds five unique people, whose hard work and creativity have turned what could have been a one-and-done viral moment into enduring world stardom.

Quarantine Cup

This is in line with the “Quarantine Cup” idea by Dude Great. Dude Perfect developed the “Quarantine Cup” with sports canceled from all over the world to offer live entertainment to its fans. Those five live streams featured sports like office golf and 3v3 soccer that compete with each other. This is the first time they went live on their channel, and their fans received it well. They have raised $85k for the Red Cross and Feeding America so far, had a high of 114 K and 22M+ views.

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