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Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead: A Reboot Of The Classic Comedy Movie Is In The Works

Along with new movie ideas, what studios are taking a keen interest in are some great remakes project of all time hit classic movies. These films were popular right from their release and now makers are reliving those moments in the form of a reboot or a remake. Let us look into it further for the details given below.

Classic Cult Film Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter Is Dead Is Getting A Remake! Here’s What We Know.

Similarly, the classic hit 1991 movie Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter Is Dead is also reportedly getting a remake session as well. Surprisingly the film initially received negative reviews in theaters before becoming a black comedy cult classic on video and cable reruns. Now, a remake of the classic family drama is found around the corners.

The Remake Is Still In Its Early Stages Of Development.

Fans must be well aware of the story that pretty much revolved around the misadventures of the seventeen-year-old  Christina Applegate who leads her siblings to all kinds of misadventures when under rather unusual circumstances their babysitter, dies! Other than Applegate, the film stars other actors including include Joanna Cassidy, Keith Coogan, John Getz, Josh Charles, along with David Duchovny.

The team of producers who all are up for the remake includes Justin Nappi, Juliet Berman, Oren Segal, Juliana Maio, Tova Later, and Michael Phillips. Phillips has also taken about the various possibilities of the remake movie saying that this new team has a fresh and modern approach to the story that will resonate in a brand new way. So the story will not be the same it seems.

Who Is Going To Be Part Of The Remake Film?

Phillips also further said that it’s amazing how fans still remember the dialogs of the classic cult film which led to the remake as well. Moreover, we still don’t know who all are going to join the remake as cast members. We would love some of the old cast members can make an appearance in the remake. So, it seems like we will soon relive the memories of the family comedy-drama.

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