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Doja Cat Denies Collaboration With Nicki Minaj, But Announced New Duet

Here is what we know about Doja Cat debunking the rumors about her and Nicki Minaj’s collaboration!

Well, well, well, at this point in time it really not wrong to say that we will not be getting a Say So the type of remix from the popular rap star Nicki Minaj in the distant future.

It was Doja Cat who took this news to her social media platform, that is, Twitter back on the 20th of September, which was a Sunday to falsify the rumors that were rising among Barbz.

Doja says the collaboration between her and Nicki is not happening but she would love to do it!

The rumor was that there is still another collaboration that will happen between these two female superstars and it is currently put underworks. Doja, on her platform, wrote that DNA collaboration is a rumor which is completely made by fans and there are not any great plans for it to happen.

Doja went on to write that even it is not happening, it is a great idea and she would love to do that. She says this post was just to debunk us all guys because she sees us all in the comment section going on about it.

Doja also reveals about her collaboration with Ariana Grande!

Although, this blow was equally mattified by Doja by giving us all news about her collaboration with another star which is none other than our favorite pop singer Ariana Grande. She says that the Ari and Doja collab is still going on and totally exists.

Back in the month of May, we had Zane Lowe from Variety to whom Grande also mentioned this song saying that she was able to work with Doja earlier this same on that song and she just wants to save it for whenever it is time again to drop out tracks. Ariana also told a funny story about the time when she first wrote this song and sent it over to Doja, she was in the show and was like “I Love It”

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