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Texas: Older Brother Stabbed 7-Year-Old Brother Repeatedly

A Texas man is in prison after a messy Saturday night that left the boy with multiple stab wounds all over his body

The sources report that on August 1, Jacob Brito, 7, lived with his family in the Hult City residence on Orion Street on August 1, when he started screaming from the living room. Family members rushed to the boy and found him bloodied, while his older brother Isidro Brito Bruno held a knife in his hand.

Jacob’s older sister ran out of her room to see her parents and another brother who was desperately trying to stop the bleeding from the multiple stab wounds on Jacob’s back and chest.

The sister claimed that she saw the suspect in the room

The sister later told police that she spotted the suspect in the living room with a knife in his hand and a blank stare on his face. Isidro Brito reportedly said nothing when his sister ran to his room to call 911.

The suspect was caught on the same day

Isidro Brito ran away from home but only got a few blocks before the authorities joined him and arrested him at the intersection of Catherine Street and Catherine Court. As per the reports that he still had the knife in his hand, but dropped it when the police turned him off.

Haltom City police said the suspect was stabbed in the stomach and arms but has since been taken out of John Peter Smith’s hospital and sent to prison.

Jacob Brito was taken to the local emergency room where he was pronounced dead

Although authorities have not provided a reason for the attack, the officers report that the police have been home at least three times since May 2019; each police visit was linked to reports of Isidro Brito’s mental health problems.

Charges for the crime

One of the calls to the police came after the suspect had been accused of attacking his father and causing physical injury. Police spokesman Matt Spillane said the charges had been brought against Isidro Brito following the accident.

23-year-old Jesus Ochoa, who married Jacob’s sister and believed the boy was like a son, said that Jacob was “joyful” and always ready to help others.

Brit has been charged with the death sentence and remains behind bars on $ 250,000 bail.

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