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Doctor Sleep 2: Will The Horror Movie Get A Sequel? Know Here

Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep has been adapted into a movie by the Warner Brothers production. The film released in the theaters on November 8, 2019 in the United States. Ever since the release of the film fans are wondering if the film will have a sequel.

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Will Doctor Sleep Get A Sequel?

Doctor Sleep released worldwide in 2019. Warner Brothers. The distributors of the film were very confident that the film will do good at the box office. They hired Mike Flanagan to write a script for the prequel of Doctor Sleep even before the film hit the theaters. The working title for the script was Hallorann.

Following the bad performance of the film at the box office, the future of the film is unknown. However, Mike Flanagan has expressed his desire to direct a sequel to the movie keeping Abra Stone in focus. He has even pitched his idea to Stephen King.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is a continuation of the story that began with Stephen King’s book The Shining. Doctor Sleep focuses on a grown-up Danny Torrance. Danny has been able to largely overcome his childhood trauma. The trauma was caused to him from his family’s stay in the Overlook Hotel.

Danny has managed to do away with most of the memories. He comes in touch with a young girl named Abra Stone who has greater powers. Rose The Hat And Thr True Knot get to know about Abra’s powers. They try to hunt her down to feed on her powers. To protect Abra from Rose and True Knot, Danny heads back to the Overlook Hotel.

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What Will Be The Storyline Of Doctor Sleep 2?

Stephen King has not written any sequel or prequel to Doctor Sleep. If Doctor Sleep 2 is to be made, then the scriptwriters will have to get creative and come up with a story. Mike Flanagan has shown interest in writing a film around Abra Stone. Danny Torrance can return to the film in a limited capacity.

When Will Doctor Sleep 2 Release?

The fans of Doctor Sleep will have to wait for any announcement to made in regards to the film. If a sequel to film happens, then it will not release anytime soon.

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