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Disney Plus Announces New Arrivals For November

Amid the streaming wars, every platform tends to be ahead of other competitors. But to do streaming giants have to provide quality content which could help them to build such a vast network and be in the good books of the audience. After the introduction of Disney Plus, Marvel Studios is getting totally depends upon the platform and totally changed their lineup from movies to shows. Recently Live-action remake of Mulan hit the Disney plus screens and in-app purchases were a huge drawback in its release.

But we are not having with a concern with released titles but November could be a special month for the streaming giant. There are several titles that could be pretty crucial for the platform and could change the course of its working.

Black Widow

The biggest shock for the Marvel fans as Black Widow could skip its theatrical release and will be on Disney Plus. However, it’s still not clear whether it will not release in theatres or not but a Disney Plus release is speculated by the board. Black Widow already delayed several times and now it could be the end of such a long wait.