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Disney+ Is Asking From All The Fans Whether To Add Buffy & Firefly Or Not

Disney+ Is Asking To Add Buffy & Firefly?

In the survey sent to Disney + users, they were asked if shows like Buffy Vampire Slayer and Firefly should be added to the transmitter. Disney’s streaming service has been a huge success since its release in the United States last November. They have already featured a hit out loud that is an original hit like The Mandalorian and continues to add popular movies like Frozen II to their subsequent catalogue.

More recently, the service has expanded to the United Kingdom. And he saw his record more than triple as people live in homes and are quarantined in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

But despite all its success, Disney + has also come under fire for its lack of particularly observable content and is very restrictive when it comes to being familiar to suit its brand. Because of the latter, Disney + originals like Love, Simon moved to Hulu and Lizzie McGuire spin-off star Hillary Duff, so the Disney + revival of the series follows suit after losing its listeners to the creative differential. Now, it seems Streamer is re-evaluating his approach and considering adding more mature content to his library.

Disney+ Asking From All The Fans…!!!

Although the couple aired on network television, they were definitely older than other Disney + shows. Buffy, in particular, covers many of the same topics (including teen drug use and sexuality) that allegedly led to Love, Simon’s spinoff was discontinued on Hulu. If Disney is considering adding them, it could mean that they plan to lower the ban on their Disney + exclusions.

At the very least, it would represent a clearer picture of what they consider mature for the stage, allowing them to avoid repeating the situation with shows like Lizzie McGuire in the future. Undoubtedly, fans of these series and/or comedy shows mentioned would be happy to see them available through Disney + (assuming they already have a subscription).

Streamers like Netflix have found considerable success by including popular shows from the 1990s and 2000s, such as Friends and The Office, that appeal to the younger generation and those who initially saw them when they aired. However, we knew that the programs like Buffy and Firefly attract an equally wide range of demographics and have the potential to benefit the Disney + brand as a whole, assuming enough people add them anyway.

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