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Detective Pikachu Spin-Offs: Ryan Reynolds Is In Talks

It was announced that a sequel was in development prior to the release of the first installment, and now we’re hearing from our sources, the same ones who told us that Neve Campbell is returning for Scream 5 and Ben Affleck for The Flash. Warner Bros. was signed to have plans for Ryan Reynolds to appear in various spinoffs that are in development as the studio builds the shared Pokémon universe.

The expected release date of the Detective Pikachu Spin-Off:

The first film hit theaters on May 10 after production between January and May 2018.

A similar time would mean that we cannot expect to see this sequel before the end of 2024 if filming begins this year. If you wish, Warner Bros. has a slot for the “WB Untitled Event Movie” on December 25, 2024. We’re probably looking towards 2024 ASAP and Warner Bros. currently has an “Event Movie” release slot on February 2, 2024.

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The expected plotline of the Detective Pikachu Spin-Off:

You must have known by now that the details of the story of Detective Pikachu 2 are being finalized. Given that the movie is in development as an immediate sequel rather than a spin-off, we feel safe to say that it will almost certainly follow the ongoing adventures of Tim, Harry, and Pikachu as they take on one another. Mysteries, or possibly many riddles, on the streets of Ryme City.

However, there is one thing we must watch out for. There was a difference, although the game had a story similar to the movies: Harry’s disappearance was not clear, and at the end of the game, there were puzzles available. That puzzle was solved by the Detective Pikachu movie, but it is noted that the game would include another ending to Tim and Harry’s narrative. It appears the game’s tale leaves us in absolute confidence approximately what to anticipate from the movie model of Detective Pikachu 2.

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