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Detective Pikachu 2: All The Information On Release Date, Cast, Storyline And More

Since childhood, we are seeing Pikachu in Pokemon since the first day everyone shows that cute animated cartoon everyone falls in love with that character and his cute voice.

Pikachu is one of the most beloved animated characters we’ve ever seen, and Detective Pikachu was even more likable as he not only kept his Pikka Pikka ‘, but also made the orders. If you have seen the first movie, you will want to see Pikachu’s beautiful actions and smart moves. Don’t worry because the sequel is on the way.

Theater release of the Detective Pikachu 2?

The first part launched in May 2019, and its launch was announced before the launch of the first part. It was announced in January 2019. There is no official release date for this movie. We can expect the film to arrive in 2024, possibly mid to late 2024. The actual release date will be announced soon.

Who can be seen in Detective Pikachu 2?

Most of the actors who were in the first movie will return for the sequel. We will have Judge Smith and Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds will also play Tim’s father, Harry Goodman. Pikachu will also speak this time and will be ready for interesting adventures.

What we can expect from Detective Pikachu 2?

We have no idea about the plot of the sequel, but we saw that Tim’s father, Harry, was brought back. In this sequel we can see father and son, their Pokémon, trying to solve mysteries. Many other Pokémon, which we didn’t see in the first movie, can also appear in this sequel.

No breakthrough has come yet, and we have no idea what the plot is. We will have the trailer and more information on this soon. Fans hope this sequel is better and more enjoyable than the previous movie.

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