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David Berry And Outlander’s Spin-off Series, What’s The Updated News

Outlander’s David Berry has announced that if a series of a spin-off about his character is ever commissioned, he will resume his role as fan-favorite Lord John Grey.

In an interview in front of the five release of Outlander season, Berry said he would “take this opportunity” if that happens.

Spin-Off Series By Lord John Grey

According to Jeffrey Hirsch, CEO, and Chairman of the show’s US streamer Starz, his remarks follow the latest announcement that Outlander could get “extensions, spin-offs or sequels.” Fans speculated quickly that there could be a potential spin-off series by Lord John Grey because Outlander’s author Diana Gabaldon gave the character her spin-off novels.

Berry’s Role In The Spin-Off Series

When asked if he was willing to re-take his part in a spin-off, Berry said he had already read Gabaldon’s work on Lord John Grey: “I believe the character is fantastic, we love it all because something is exciting about who he is, and I think Diana has written a great content, and I read her Lord John novels for my edification and background characters.”

“And so I could imagine playing him–I’m playing him now, and if the pieces were there, and if they were very able to see that, I would take that opportunity,” he added.

He continued, “I think he’s one of those great characters in movies, books, and so on, you know, he’s some punch, and he has some seriousness, and I think the reason for this person’s success on this show is because Diana has invested him so much of it and I think I’d be a grateful recipient of her work and what she has done [I would certainly play].”

Of course, viewers will not have to wait until they see Lord John Grey next, since, in the first episode of Outlander Season 5, Berry is expected to resume his role as the famous English aristocracy and soldier.

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