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Black Lightning Season 4: Discharge Date And Plot

The Black Lightning’s Season 3 finale has set a new bold path for the next 4th season – one who will shift the nature of the show and Arrowverse overall. Nevertheless, a variety of plots are still in play, and several other surprises are to be expected.

The final battle was witnessed in the “Book of War: Chapter 3: Liberation.” When the Markovian army entered the area, led by the Gravedigger super-soldier, ASA turned back and fled, stopping only to cover its paths and destroyed all traces of their crimes when the area was occupied. Just Black Lightning, his metahuman allies, and the Freeland Resistance left to protect common citizens trapped by the fire and stop Gravedigger before the ASA was able to launch a nuclear strike in the area.

It spoils nothing to prove that Freeland is not nuclear. Notwithstanding this, it’s fair to say that in Jefferson Pierce’s hometown, things will never be the same. A variety of new beginnings have also been proposed for everything that ended in the season finale.

Release Date:

An official Black Lightning 4 release date has not yet been confirmed. The series is thought to return in the fall of 2024, perhaps in October. This was the trend for Black Lightning’s first season of the past two seasons, although it can be kept for a release in Spring 2024.

Cast Details:

The cast of season 4 will include:

  • Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning
  • China Anne McClain as Jennifer Pierce / Lightning
  • Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce
  • Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias Whale
  • James Remar as Peter Gambi
  • Christine Adams as Lynn Stewart
  • Damon Gupton as Bill Henderson
  • Jordan Calloway as Khalil Payne / Painkiller

Plot Details:

It seems to be secure for Jefferson Pierce – a beloved mentor, a valued man in Freeland and former husband of the school superintendent – to have a part to play in helping to run this unique school when it gets up and running. It also seems likely that the young metahumans Jefferson recruited to help him save the town, whether as teachers or as students, will have a place in this school.

Yet the future is not all perfect. Although the ASA is shut and the mysterious Agent Odell is incarcerated, Crime Boss Tobias Whale has yet to reclaim his place on the Freeland underworld throne. Since his former Lala and Lala currently help a newly revived lady Eve and the enigmatic Shadow Board, it is unlikely that the passing of the crown will be peaceful. I think that Gravedigger is still alive and safe, so it means that the heroes of Freeland are having trouble brewing when Black Lightning Season 4 begins.

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