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Dark Desire: Is Season 2 Happening? Here’s What We Know

‘Dark Desire’ or ‘Oscaro Deco’ in Spanish. The show is produced by Leticia López Margalli. The show has a good mix of suspense, drama, and suspense. Most of the filming of this show took place in Mexico City.

So most viewers have not seen it completely. The series is still at the stage where someone starts to watch a new series and if they like the series they recommend others.  But since this series has just been released, these ratings are likely to change. Those who have seen the first season wonder if the creators will release the second season.

Here you get to know everything regarding season two of Dark Desire:

Dark Desire: Did Netflix Just Converted '365 Days' Into A TV Show?
Source: The Buzz

Are we going to see season two of Dark Desire?

It’s too soon to say that. The smoking thriller premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, July 15. As for now, there is no announcement made regarding the renewal of the second installment from Netflix. But since Dark Desire closes in a very tempting spot and is currently among the top 10 Netflix titles in the United States, there is a chance that this romantic drama will have another season.

The expected release date for the Dark Desire season 2:-

As we know that season 1 of the show has just made its debut on Netflix on 15 July 2024. Therefore Netflix usually takes one to two months to renew any show of movie. Netflix cunts the rating and audience reviews before giving permission to the next installment.

Therefore its the show will renew till august than we can expect the second installment somewhere in late 2024.

The cast members we can see in season 2:-

  • Maite Perroni as Alma
  • Alejandro Speitzer as Darío
  • Regina Pavón as Zoe
  • Erik Hayser as Esteban
  • María Fernanda Yepes
  • Jorge Poza as Leonardo
  • Paulina Matos
  • Leticia Huijara
  • Carlos Eduardo Torres Anaya
  • Esteban Soberanes
  • Carmen Beato
  • Eligio Meléndez

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