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Selena Gomez: What’s In Those Justin Bieber Like Rumors! We Dig Deep

Star Selena Gomez recently liked, unlike, two of her pop singer Justin Bieber’s images on Instagram, and some fans wonder if they bug her old boyfriend while others feared her Instagram account could be hacked.

Gomez stated earlier this year that her eight-year relationship with Bieber contributed to emotional abuse.

Selena Gomez Likes Justin’s Pictures

Fans when they noticed last weekend that photos of Bieber liked Gomez’s Instagram page until they didn’t like it. As reported, they called it a hack job.

A Fan Account Took Screenshots

The 27-year-old wanted to pose on a tattooed torso taken by Bieber and a paparazzi photo before his final disintegration in February 2018. A fan account was able to take screenshots before likes went missing.

On Saturday, “Hannah Montana” star Moises Arias fired Bieber and his tattoos in black and white. The Gomez fan account under the name “The Selena Rundown” has succeeded in taking a photo of the star story that likes the picture named “thug life.” The same thing happened shortly afterwards.

A second photo of a fan account of “Jelena” (Justin and Selena) shows them during one of the last months of their 2018 relationship. It was deleted in 30 minutes after the account took her as she was.

Fans Speculate That Her Account Might Be Hacked

Fans in the comments thought what was happening with images that they wanted, hundreds pointing to hacking.

One wrote, “Obviously she’s not mad, she’s hacked,” and another wrote, “I think she’s hacked.”

Other Details

Between 2010 and 2018, Bieber and Gomez dated on and off. After their final split, Bieber produced shockwaves when, before married in 2018, he quickly turned his attention to Hailey Baldwin.

Selena and Justin both talked more recently about their former relationship, and neither recalled it too fondly. Justin said in February, he was “crazy” and “fearless,” and Selena said that she thought she was the “victim of such abuses.” It was stated last month that Selena was “highly revived” to shut down the Justin “chapter in her life,” but it seems clear that she was not like that picture.

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