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Daisy Ridley: Is That Why She’s Afraid Of The Future

Star Wars Daisy Ridley is still afraid of the Future. Discover here what it is about!!

When talking about some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, the Star Wars franchise is a name that is familiar to everyone. The last film of the entire series premiered this weekend and fans talked about it, while others avoid social networks to prevent them from spoiling. The actors in the movie have also become famous names, thanks to their membership in such a large franchise, and one of these names also includes Daisy Ridley (Rey) star in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.

Star Daisy Ridley in Star Wars!!!

But being part of a large franchise does not mean that you don’t suffer any fear. The actress is very afraid of the scene.

She said: She’s very nervous. Tremble, hot and cold sweat. It is strange always to do everything. But this is not the only fear he has. The actress always feared skydiving, but dove from 15,000 feet to face it.

She shared: “Something so horrible was skydiving.

“The man who looked like Rocky Balboa was great, but then he was taller than anyone else, so he had an oxygen mask because I was 15,000 feet in the air. And then you come to the border and you say “no,” and they say “yes.”

Daisy admitted that the people around her have changed since she gained fame because people no longer know what she has to say. “Even some family members sometimes treat it differently. But what surprises him most is the celebrity. Change, these are the people around you, and I paid attention to that. These are other people who don’t know how to be. It is difficult to navigate between friends and those family members who have seen it suddenly have no idea what to tell them. It’s hard. “

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